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Good to see hiring practices are consistent at all StarTek’s including offshore…


This review is about the recruitment process of Startek Offshore Philippines. This is based on my experience when I dropped their to their office to apply as a call center agent.

Of all the call center in Makati that I visited, the recruitment process of Startek is the worst.

The Recruitment team of Startek needs to improve on time management. Please don’t treat your applicants as if they are badly needing you as your employer. We are also human being, we are there not because we are hunting for a job, we are visiting your office because we believe that you can be one of the company where we can have a career growth.

Imagine friends, I went there at 9:00 sharp and I was called for the exam almost lunch time and gave the result of the exam at 2:00pm. This only shows that Startek Recruitment process needs improvement.

Startek has online exam and it will took you one and half hour to finish it. if you pass the exam, you will be instructed to go back the next day for the initial interview, If you pass and you are unlucky, there is a separate day for the final interview. This is the other applicants told me when I am still waiting for the result of my exam. Because I am waiting too long for the result of my exam and this story that I heard from fellow applicant, I just went out and did not pursue my application.

Makati area has many call centers. Everyday lots of people are seeking for a job. But to those company like Startek, don’t make this a reason for you to treat your applicants just like this. Keep in mind that we are not just looking for a job, we are also looking for an employer who can we trust and give our loyalty. If this is the impression an applicant can get from your recruitment, I think applicant who passed should think twice if they will still want you to be their employer.

Rating: 4


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